Australia: 1 Coast, 1600 Miles, a Million Memories

In August 2011 I travelled 1600 miles from Cairns to Sydney – a distance equal (by chance) to that of London to Moscow City. Although it was a while ago there were a handful of photos I was really proud of but only put on Facebook – the place where photos go to die (unless you’re are tagged in them of course)

#1 A Storm Sneaks Up: Taken on a sand blow in Rainbow Beach where the sand blows in land a further 2 metres every year. This unbeatable force of nature has swallowed the woodland parallel to the beach – what appeared to be small bushes were actually the mere tops of once awesome trees. After throwing a boomerang and sand surfing our visit was cut short by an incoming storm…


#2 A Rusted Wreck: On Fraiser Island, the world’s largest sand island and the only place where rainforest exists on sand, this shipwreck can be found. After the boat was sold for scrap to the Japanese, the engines were sold separately for profit. When the hull was being transported a storm hit and the hull was lost with no engines to rescue it. Alas it was washed ashore, but it does make for a good photo…


#3 Sunset Surfer: In Byron Bay after a walk and a half along the beach, the sun fell behind the hills. Being the most eastern point in Australia, Byron Bay are the first to see the sun, and the first to see it set. But that doesn’t stop some from making the most of a good surf…


#4 Our Last Day: After 3 weeks we could not leave Australia without walking on Sydney Harbour bridge. The funny thing was at one end if you were to jump off you would be fined $100 more than if you jumped off at the other. The cruel irony is that if you jump off a fine is the least of your worries, especially with a view like this…


#5 Bangkok: The picture says it all…


A massive trip but just a few photos, visit my Facebook if you want to see the rest Australia 2011

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