We Are All Uniquely Similar

Have you ever been sitting on the tube when an ‘unusual’ person gets on the train? Be it someone dancing, singing to them selves, laughing hysterically at nothing at all or just wearing an outfit which makes you question whether their house had ever enjoyed the presense of a mirror.

I have.

Yet, while I sit and judge these people for being unusual or different, it makes me realise that being different is the only thing we all have in common. And while we may do things in different ways we don’t always do different things.

For example, a women sitting next to me now, on this train to Cockfosters, just held out a handkerchief to her son. Her son inhaled and then passionately blew what ever clung to the walls of his nostrils into that laced material. The women then tucked that snot-soaked rag up her sleeve – much to the discomfort of the man sitting opposite her. That same women then pulled a brush out of her handbag and run it through the sons hair, not unlike a women leisurly grooming a dog. Again the countenance of the man opposite retreated to the centre of his face.

Now I ask you: what is so wrong, different or unusual about a mother caring for her child? We’ve all been at the mercy of a grandmothers spit-soaked handkerchief, no?

Well in this instance it was the fact that the son must have been in his late teens – which I admit is uncommon.

Yet I challenge you again. Who’s mother does not still fuss over you in your adolescence, and which adolescent does not try endlessly to worm their way free from their mother’s hold? Not many.

So while this women and her son provoked some strange faces from us here on the train, it made me think; although my mum does not blow my nose or comb my hair – she does still wait up for me, or laboriously pluck the hairs from my suit before I leave for work. So just because it happens behind closed doors does that make it normal? I think not – for if it was we’d do it in the street, or on the tube.

So I dare to conclude that if everyone is different we are all the same, but simply doing the same things in different ways.

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