REW Design

My friend Rachel makes and sells hand-made goods from charms to cushions. To spruce up her website a bit she wanted some stock photos of her and some of the materials she used. It was my first shoot with a real purpose as opposed to just taking photos of what looks good.

Its worth mentioning: Rachel was very please with the results. (I’ll post a link to her website once she’s updated it)

DSC_0103 _Snapseed DSC_0192 _Snapseed DSC_0188 _Snapseed DSC_0176 _Snapseed DSC_0140 _Snapseed DSC_0134 _Snapseed DSC_0120 _Snapseed DSC_0109 _Snapseed DSC_0098 _Snapseed DSC_0089 _Snapseed DSC_0072 _Snapseed DSC_0067 _Snapseed DSC_0052 _Snapseed DSC_0044 _Snapseed DSC_0035 _Snapseed DSC_0026 _Snapseed DSC_0004 _Snapseed

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