Where’s Wally? (Nowhere, its Disney)

Here’s a collage of 52 Disney characters (with space left for more) that I drew as a valentine’s present for Andy. If you can think of a film I’ve not included, let me know!



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  1. I dont see Mulan! Or Hercules… but its hard to tell really!

  2. love this, i just did something very similar in coloured pencil for my friends little girl, im wanting to try one for myself on a canvas as you have but just wondering how you did this? what pens did you use? thanks for any help! x

    • Thanks Nicola! The canvas I’ve got there is about a metre long so that helps to draw more detail. I started with a fairly light pencil, probably h1? (be mindful that rubbing pencil of canvas is a job and a half so don’t press too hard if you can help it!)

      And then I used a sharpy permanent felt tip (thick) to go over it all before rubbing it all off! It’d be great to see a picture of what you do when you’re finished!

      I’ve dome a similar thing on a bedroom wall once in colour!

  3. I need this scanned and emailed to me please I want to use it as a tattoo

  4. hey what do you mean walle isint there i see walle in between remy and thumper

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