PS Vita Review

Here’s something new for my blog, as recently it has been dominated by photography which, while it does not contradict the blog’s title Anything, it does betray its suggestion of variety!

Recently I purchased the new PS Vita. I must confess that my initial intention to buy it was purely for the sake of retail-therapy in anticipation of my I’ve-finshed-my-degree-what-do-I-do-now depression. Nonetheless I have been pleasantly surprised and it has done more than just remedy.

First off, the best deal I could find was on Amazon. For around £215 I got the console (£195), a 4gb memory card (£15) and Rayman Origins (£27) – so you pretty much get the game for free.

It’s worth echoing most reviews and pointing out that Sony have been quite cheap in not supplying any internal memory, or at the very least (like the 3DS) a 2gb card to get you started. That said, I would not let this put you off as you only need it to store Vita apps, or download games directly from the PS Store.

The console itself is quite stunning and the games (especially Rayman) look as sharp as you could expect to see it out of a window. Beyond the aesthetics the processing power (although I am no expert) is impressive to say the least. Even playing a game as heavy as Uncharted: Golden Abyss I can tap the standby button grab a Ribena, watch an episode of Game of Thrones and get straight back to it without losing much battery.

The console boasts two cameras, two analog sticks and as many touch surfaces. Alas, with the console being so new, I am yet to hear of nor have a go at any games that make full use of the back touch pad. Yet this appears to be a challenge that Little Big Planet has accepted.

As for the games, Rayman Origins is nothing less than amazing. It is addictive, fast-paced and beautifully imaginative. An immense fantasy world that makes you laugh and cry in frustration all at the same time. So I would pronounce it a must-buy! (9/10)

Uncharted: Golden Abyss while it belongs in a different genre completely is no less impressive.

Now, please do not mistake me for someone who thinks every game is good, because I can assure you that is not the case! I have an attention span shorter than a fart in a trance and would move onto another game quicker than you can say your own name.

But Uncharted like Tomb Raider has won me over. The graphics, although not as good as the PS3 are on par with early Xbox 360 games and definitely add to the experience. One thing I would say is that it is so difficult to collect everything without a walkthrough that I find myself only playing the game when I can sit and have the guide with me. Which (although it is likely my own fault) seems to compromise the pace of the game, dilute the plot and negate the purpose of having a portable device. (8/10)

In summary, the PS Vita is the first handheld console that satisfies my lust for good graphics and cool gadgets whilst keeping my attention long enough to make any headway. So while there are some shortfalls, namely the lack of internal memory, the limited number of games and the overall price of the console, I would happily recommend it to any gamer that has always swayed towards the Xbox or Playstation rather than the Nintendo, but has always been secretly jealous of those who could play games on the go. My rating: 8/10.

Being my first review, I’d appreciate any comments, good or bad!

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